14 March 2011

Monday Blues...

Not much to report today.  I spent no time doing anything creative-- and let me tell you how much less fun my day was!! 

This is the perfect example of what makes me happy and what does not.  I had such a wonderfully content day yesterday and would have been happy to stay here in my little craft room world forever.  Today, I spent my time following up on volunteer work that I have neglected over the last month or so.  Awful administrative and petty-seeming stuff--she didn't do this and they didn't do that and how are we going to handle this miscommunication...  UGH!!!  Making cards and scrapbook pages is SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!! 

I did get some exercise in today, though.  Kind of embarrassing when the lady swipes your card at the gym and notices is that it is the first time you've ever used it, despite having been a member for about 4 months!!  Either way, I am sore and tired and feeling good about finally getting off my behind and moving it a bit. 

And now I am headed to bed... I considered doing a quick card, but it is just too darn late for that!  Hope you are sleeping well...

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