12 March 2011

It is 4:30pm, and I am still in my pajamas.  :-)  It is a little piece of heaven, I think, to be able to be in one's sleeping clothing after 8 hours of being awake.  I know (and if I didn't, my husband has mentioned!) that I could take a shower, and it would probably feel all good and clean and refreshing.  But the luxury of not having to envelops me, and I just don't want to take my comfy clothes off until I get ready for our date tonight tonight. 

I realized something interesting about my creative process today.  I have several Anna Griffin card making kits.  I love them.  I love and collect her papers and kits.  The cards are easy to make beautiful, and I am always thrilled to send them to someone.   For a special event, I have occasionally sat down and picked my prettiest paper and a great image from my Cricut and made something gorgeous.

But MOST of the time, I work from a challenge.  I pick something I don't like much, with the idea that I am just practicing and learning how to do this.  Then I see whether or not I can make it better.  It is as if I am competing to see if I can actually improve something ugly.  It's silly, I know, to keep up this process, as half the time it turns out icky-- and it probably wouldn't have if I had started with materials that I liked more.  I do it nonetheless, and I have about a 50% success rate...

It took me until I was almost finished with the card I made today to realize that it would have been easier-- and maybe prettier-- if I just used the good stuff.  I am actually pretty excited about how it turned out... But still, it begs the question of why I would set myself up to fail??

So I will ponder that while digesting the Cup o' Noodles and chocolate I just ate (awesome Weight Watching, I know!), and I will let you know another day...

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