01 September 2011

I have all these posts that I started and haven't finished!!  Shame on me!

This is one actually from today, though!  I have to give a plug out to a couple of my FAVORITE online papercrafting retailers!  They are like crack to me-- I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is check these three websites for their daily deals!!

PeachyCheap.com:   Totally addicted to this one.  Quick, reasonable shipping always.  I received a mystery grab bag today from them, and I have to say that if you DON'T order them when they come up, you are crazy!!!  I got amazing Cosmo Cricket papers and embellishments, Basic Gray rubons, most adorable owl brads, Sassafrass Lass flowers, and a ton more stuff!  Love, love love them!

CraftySteals.com:   This is my hands down favorite for American Crafts collections (LOVE American Crafts!) and so much more!!  They have a new daily deal every day, but they also archive things that didn't sell out.  So if you missed it, you can still get it!  They have more larger packages ($18+), but the deals are to die for, and those kits include everything you need. 

ScrapbookSteals.com:   This is a relatively new addition to my other two daily deal sites.  The prices are very good, if not quite as good as the other two.  But the best part about these is that they have TWO steals per day!  At 9am and 9pm Mountain time. 

Speaking of which, time to check the later ScrapbookSteals.com steal!!!  Happy crafting and hope all two of you who read my blog become as addicted as I am to these great deals every day!

Twitter, Twitter, Fo Fitter...

Last month I moved into the 21st century and got a Twitter account.  Honestly, I have to say that I am still unclear about what twitter is or does.  But it seems the in thing to do-- like tapering and rolling up your pants in the late 80s... (an eternal mystery of fashion to some of us!!)-- everyone does it, even many of us who couldn't tell you why!!

I have been mulling the relative pros and cons to public life on twitter and a blog.  I mean, why HAVE a blog if you don't publicize it?  Why bother writing for the world to see if you are going to write your message and then sink it to the bottom of the sea without even a bottle to float in and a chance to get to shore?!?

I am crazy about privacy.  Or at least my husband has made me that way.  His job is such that I can't be out talking about him or he'll have problems at work.  And he's paranoid that I might expose our children to some crazy pedophile while posting a pic among friends on Facebook.  And he's right-- the world can be scary, and my mother taught me never to talk to strangers.  :-)

I am curious about how other people perceive privacy and the internet.  On the one hand, connecting with a zillion other people through common interests is amazing.  I am all for finding friends, mentors and kindred spirits through whatever means you can find!

On the other hand, the relative anonymity (which I am, of course, utilizing to my advantage at this moment!) also leads to many questions about the people with whom you are connecting.  Without seeing a person and looking them in the eye, how can any of us be confident that we are sharing with people worthy of our inner thoughts?  

I get that my cards and random thoughts perhaps aren't terribly personal, but they COULD be.  They might be.  Maybe some day they will be...