07 June 2011

Been a long time...

So my quest for blogging hasn't been as successful as some other quests.  :-)  It fell the way of Weight Watchers, and, as I return to WW, I am back on my blog as well.

This week has been a challenge.  My youngest child, who has been home with me for three and a half years, went off to camp (aka school) on Monday.  We worried for months that he wouldn't be able to do it with the potty training.  And then we panicked because we realized that he had zero interest in going to school and we worked on finding creative ways to get him excited to go. 

In the midst of worrying about him, I forgot to mourn that those would be my last months with him as my constant companion.  So pretty much I spent my three hours of "free" time on Monday crying, and today I spent most of it shopping online because, well, that seemed better than crying for a second day in a row. 

I know that by next week, I will be gearing up and psyched to have this time (*finally!!*) to catch up on life, on our home, on family commitments and, of course, on my papercrafting... But in the meantime, I am still feeling out of sorts.

I've done quite a few projects since I last posted, so I will throw a handful into here for your viewing pleasure (or critical comments!).  I am headed to bed momentarily, as I figure that the least I can do for myself in my temporary and mild crisis is to get a bit of sleep.  I hope you are well and are finding time for the things and people you love...