26 July 2012

Flying High

I love flowers.  And I love butterflies.  And I love hot air balloons and satin ribbons and lacy doilies and pastel balloons and anything that reminds me of little girls' birthday parties.  But I live with two sons, a husband, two male dogs, and, most recently, two male beta fish.  With that influence, I have been forced to design, in my home and in my paper crafting, from "boy" perspective.

Somewhere along the line, I have found my way into loving all manner of "boy" themes.   So a few weeks ago, when I was approached by an aviation museum to put together some designs for cards for their gift shop, I was thrilled to test out some designs.  We couldn't work out the pricing, but it was SUCH a blast to make a bunch of cards with airplanes that I thought you might enjoy seeing some of them. 

Hope you are flying away somewhere wonderful this vacation season!  Contact me or leave a comment if you want to know about any of the supplies or techniques used in these cards!!  Happy Summer!!!