21 March 2011

The Art of Organization...

Well, a week has passed, and I have done less crafting, less reading and more eating than I would like.  :-)  But I moved a lot of boxes and kids toys around, and I can officially say that I am one load of laundry away from clearing it ALL OUT, which is a huge feat for me!!

I went to Weight Watchers on Thursday, and had the delightful surprise of having Erin as our subsitute leader.  Erin is married to my pastor, and she has a little boy the same age as my youngest.  And she's lost something like 40+ pounds and kept it off.  She is one of those amazing people who seem to have such control over their lives-- or perhaps peace in them-- that you just want to be like them.  I watched her, as she spoke at the meeting, drinking out of a thermal mug, with a tea bag tab hanging out of it, and I just wanted a cup of tea.  I proudly left the meeting and spent a solid hour at the grocery store, purchasing all varieties of vegetables and fruits and whole grains.  Eating those things is another story, but, as we yelled to our hockey team this weekend-- you can't score if you don't shoot!!  So I am shooting for more veggies and less cookies.

As for reading... I have been reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which I know, for those of you who read more than I do, is one of those classic books that you are supposed to read as a younger girl.  I have loved it nonetheless.  It is poignant and a little heartbreaking and hopeful and just full of the grace of innocence.  The book is long, and it is one that is great for me because I can linger in it, reading a little here and a little there and never feel like I have lost the pace of the book. 

Despite my love for this book, however, I am putting it aside (along with Red Queen, for which I waited for 5 months from the library and have now held out for two months unread!) to go back to Time Management from the Inside Out.  If you have never read any Julie Morganstern and are a normal person who doesn't have enough time in the day for all the things you need or want to do, I highly recommend her!!!  I have listened to the CD version of this book, but it is abridged, and I find that I need the whole thing.  :-)

So I sit here, exhausted and just finishing preparing an agenda for a conference call tomorrow night that may not happen because I forgot to send a reminder until now (yikes!), and I am hopeful.  Hopeful that Ms. Morganstern can help me find a way to fit things in that I want to do.  I am convinced that my lack of time isn't so much a lack of time as a lack of direction.  When you spend 90% of your waking life on demand for whatever your kids need at that moment, it feels a bit futile to organize the other 10%.  But I am telling you, that 10% can make or break the overwhelmed (or not!) factor!

I am off to bed!!  I did do my first full finished page for my best friend's baby scrapbook (she'll have one done before I will for my own kids!), and I am so very excited about how it turned out.  I don't want to post it here because she might be reading this, and it would spoil the surprise, but maybe when I get a few pages done, it will be okay to give a little teaser... :-)

Sleep tight!

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