08 January 2014

New Year, New Plan

My boys play baseball.  

This might not mean much to some, but to those parents whose lives are consumed by their children's sports or activities, I know you understand me.  We live in Miami, so our season is just beginning.  Both of my boys are competing, my husband is coaching, and I am a team mom.  We have 8 games or practices a week between the boys- the times and days of which vary- for a total of 16 hours (at least) spent on the field each week. It is our entire life from January-April.

When we decided to allow our youngest to play this winter, we made the commitment to double our already all-consuming baseball schedule.  To make it work, I elected to stop teaching my after school art program.  

Although I am generally opposed to New Year's resolutions, I find myself facing at least 8 months of no excuse to build fun, joyful projects that help my young students explore their creativity.  

To ensure my creative spirit is still being nurtured, I made a plan that is extra ambitious!   I also plan to forgive myself for whatever I don't get done!

I have created a schedule of pursuits or projects, if you like.  I have heard (and know from personal experience) that I only have so much energy in a given day, and too many decisions- whether big or little- saps that energy.  Thus, I am making the decisions now in order to reserve that energy for more DOING.  Besides, Karen Grunberg is my hero for these things (and many others!), so I am taking her lead and advice and trying out the scheduling thing.

My blog is going to look like this this year:

Mondays:  52 Cards 
Tuesdays:  Healthy Life, Happy Mom
Wednesdays:  Medium of the Month
Thursdays:   Keeping Memories
Fridays:  Color Me Crafty (aka kid project!)

I will do videos where possible and will post those with the blog posts.  I'd like to promise one per week, but until I get my feet under me (just took the crumbling Christmas tree down tonight and STILL am finishing my Christmas cards!), it may take some time before videos are a possibility!

Stay tuned for details of each of the projects in the next week, as I post for this week and last week (since we missed Week 1 of the year!).  

Happy, happy New Year!  May 2014 bring you and everyone you love health, peace and joy!

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