10 March 2013

Tuesday Morning Crafts Class....

For those who might not know, I teach arts and crafts to young children in an after school enrichment program.  I began to teach an adult class in my home back in October, my Tuesday Morning Crafts Class. 

We always have muffins and coffee and fruit.  As you can imagine, it started as a social way to share some of my crafty fun with friends.   I found, though, that it also helped me create consistency in my crafting to have to prepare a project each week. 

So here are some of the cards we did for Valentine's Day!  Had I not been teaching, I probably would have missed the opportunity to celebrate love in this way!!  So thank you to the great women who keep me excited to try new things and spend fun mornings with them!

Hope you enjoyed a fantastic holiday with someone special (or at least ate chocolate and watched a good chick flick!)!!

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